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Disney Personal Experience Portal and Magic Band Experience

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The Disney Magic Band and Personal Experience Portal was a great and challenging project.

Disney engaged frog early in this project to help them envision and design the overall experience for Guests and Castmembers. Unfortunately I can’t go very deep into this work, but hopefully these images and links give you a flavor of my work.

  • Role: Technology & Creative Direction for the experience prototype
  • Team: (~14) 5 Design Technologists, 3 Interaction Designers, 4 Visual Designers, 1 Technical Architect, 1 Project Manager
  • Company: frog
  • Client: Disney

Watch this video for a quick one minute overview of the Magic Band Experience.

The video shows off the physical experience of using the band in the park. On the digital side…

The Personal Experience Portal on Desktop, Kiosk, Mobile, and Tablet.

.. my team designed and implemented the front end experience across multiple platforms including web, mobile (iOS) and kiosk (wintel) for guests, Tablet (wintel) and POS retail for castmembers.

Some screenshots of the live fastpass selection system. For a comprehensive walkthrough of this system check out Amy Oztan's blog.
A plan view of the prototype experience room. In this converted soundstage we built full scale replicas of every step in a guest's journey: from your home living room to the park entrance, to your resort hotel room. Massive!

For more in depth behind the scenes details check out this story from Wired.

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