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SKULLY Web Presence

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The SKULLY web experience was a multifaceted home page for SKULLY. It was our main communication method with our pre-order customers and was built to grow into a social network hub as the product rolled out.

In the early days of the site there were a few main goals: generate excitement, embody the SKULLY brand, educate prospective customers and push pre-order sales.

  • Role: VP Design (player/coach)
  • Team: (7) 1 Visual Designer, 1 Creative Director, 1 Creative Engineer, 1 Copywriter, 1 Front end developer, 1 Photographer, 1 Videographer
  • Company: SKULLY

Big thanks on this project to the talented team that helped get all of this out the door:

We decided to focus heavily on mobile optimization and designed everything mobile first.
Selection of imagery was very important to keep the right feel for the brand. Forward thinking, adventure and class.
Clean modern design with rider information brought forward was the order of the day.
As a heavy content company, we were always looking for ways to leverage our other properties (instagram, youtube, vimeo, etc) and bring them together in one place, keeping the site stocked with fresh content without too much manual work.
Communicating the value of an expensive helmet, with features most people had never experienced was a continual challenge for our team.

UX Director with a heart of gold. Enjoys creation in all of it's forms. If you're looking to bribe him with something that fits in a bag, think scotch or rare hand tools. If you want to ensure success go with one of these.

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