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SKULLY Heads Up Display

Posted in UX, Visual_Design, Creative_Direction

The SKULLY HUD was the key visual interface for our riders. It needed to be crisp, non distracting, and present just the right information at the right time.

  • Role: VP Design (player/coach)
  • Team: (3) 1 Visual Designer, 1 Firmware Developer
  • Company: SKULLY

Big thanks on this project to the talented team working to get the HUD designed and implemented:

And for early concept work

'Redlines' for our development team to work from.

The HUD presented the following information to the rider when needed

  • Incoming Calls
  • Upcoming Turn Directions
  • Music Selections
  • Speed
  • Warnings (gas, bike telematics)
A sample of the wiki based documentation system I developed to help our distributed development team keep on top of all design updates and changes.
The wiki documentation system featured animated movies to help explain the subtle aspects of the desired transitions. If you don't architect for these kinds of things early, the UI can be very hard to retrofit with animations.

UX Director with a heart of gold. Enjoys creation in all of it's forms. If you're looking to bribe him with something that fits in a bag, think scotch or rare hand tools. If you want to ensure success go with one of these these.

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