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At Wrap I designed the evolution of the Wrap platform from a designer focused authoring tool to a developer focused platform that can interconnect with business systems.

This developer site was built on top of the great open source library slate. We used slate as our starting point and customized our internal development pipeline to jump through all the conversion hoops neccessary to ensure that our developer documentation was up to date and stayed in sync with any changes.

  • Role: VP Creative Technology
  • Team: (3) 1 Visual Designer, 1 Developer
  • Company: Wrap
  • URL: Wrap Developers
The documentation site listing all of our public API endpoints, including examples of exercising them.
One of the slickest features was an integration with POSTMAN. By clicking the "Run in Postman" button a developer had their APIKey automatically generated and the full API set imported into the POSTMAN application for live testing. This reduced getting started developer time to less than 60 seconds!
In addition to the external API which allowed for Wrap creation and personalization, there was an internal API that allowed developers to create their own custom components which could access the hosting wrap and pass data and messages around.

UX Director with a heart of gold. Enjoys creation in all of it's forms. If you're looking to bribe him with something that fits in a bag, think scotch or rare hand tools. If you want to ensure success go with one of these these.

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