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Wrap SAAS Authoring Tool

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At wrap I was leading the “platform” development of our SAAS authoring tool. This work was geared towards system integrators and other technical implementation users who needed the power of automation to create thousands of cards and wraps on demand.

  • Role: VP Creative Technology
  • Team: (5-8) 2 Creative Technologists (creating custom client components), 3 UX Designers, 3 Visual Designers
  • Company: Wrap
  • URL: Wrap Authoring Tool
Screenshot: Main wrap view showing both manually created Wraps as well as Wraps that were used in personalization (the lightning bolt sign).
Screenshot: Editing of bound data tokens.
Screenshot: Card collection screen. Collections are how users can create, group and search 1000's of cards easily with tagging.
Large poster format I created to help socialize a new approach to automated card creation. Large scale representations of complex user flows are key for helping gain internal buy in and consensus on new ideas.

UX Director with a heart of gold. Enjoys creation in all of it's forms. If you're looking to bribe him with something that fits in a bag, think scotch or rare hand tools. If you want to ensure success go with one of these these.

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