The SKULLY AR-1 helmet was the world’s first augmented reality motorcycle helmet. Featuring a 180 degree rear view camera and a heads up display, it was a figher pilot helmet for motorcycle riders.

I hired and led the Design Team at SKULLY and personally did hands on design work for everything needed for a complete experience from: physical helmet parts, in helmet UI, mobile companion applications and websites to shipping boxes and marketing collateral.

I joined SKULLY as the VP of Design and expanded my role into VP of Product as we began planning multiple products and the larger SKULLY ecosystem.

  • Role: VP Product
  • Team Size: (5) 1 Industrial Designer, 1 Visual Designer, 3 Mechanical Engineers
  • Company: SKULLY
  • Time Period: Mid 2015

Big thanks on this project to the inimitable talents of designers Jeff Broderick and Donald Burlock.

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Watch this video for a quick overview of the SKULLY AR-1 Experience.