The SKULLY mobile application was designed for both iOS and Android, with slight variations based on the individual platform differences.

This was a nice tight team of 3 people: myself, another designer, and our android developer.

Luckily all three of us were riders and motorcycle enthusiasts which made for a great experience where we were all testing and riding our designs as soon as we had something working. This allowed for an extremely tight feedback loop and helped us discover where ideas that looked great on paper, failed in the real world. We built the Android version first, as it was faster for us to experiment and develop on, and then used the completed Android version as the guide for iOS.

  • Role: VP Product
  • Team Size: (3) 1 Visual Designer, 1 Android Developer
  • Company: SKULLY
  • Time Period: Late 2015

Big thanks on this project to the inimitable talents of designer Jeff Broderick and the Android talents of Chris Koessler

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